Sunday, July 23, 2017

U dont deserve me.

Just stop everything

U dont deserve me..

U may have everything.
But u just dont deserve me..

If only u know how much feeling that i have invested on u..
For feelings are my investments..
And i dont think u r worth it..

I have once told u that i dont mind spending my money for the one i love..
If only u remember that..
But i dont think u do..

What happen today is such a disgrace..

Awk ingat kta ni siapa..?
How could u..?

I have been planning a lot..since ur birthday is the next day after my Hana's birthday..
Lots are going on my mind..
Balloons la..
Surprise cake la..
Present la..
But now..
U proved to me that u r not worth all this..

U may have everything that i need..
But u dont deserve me..

I would jeopardize everything and anything that i have..
If only u know this..

But now..
U proved that u dont deserve me..
U just dont..

If only u know..
How people have been saying that i dont deserve someone like u..

And now..
Thanks to yourself..
U prove them right..
U just dont deserve me..
U dont..

It is hurtful
And i am going to cry all night.
But tomorrow is another day...

Tomorrow will be the day that i will forget u..
U r not important.
And u dont deserve me..