Sunday, July 23, 2017

U dont deserve me.

Just stop everything

U dont deserve me..

U may have everything.
But u just dont deserve me..

If only u know how much feeling that i have invested on u..
For feelings are my investments..
And i dont think u r worth it..

I have once told u that i dont mind spending my money for the one i love..
If only u remember that..
But i dont think u do..

What happen today is such a disgrace..

Awk ingat kta ni siapa..?
How could u..?

I have been planning a lot..since ur birthday is the next day after my Hana's birthday..
Lots are going on my mind..
Balloons la..
Surprise cake la..
Present la..
But now..
U proved to me that u r not worth all this..

U may have everything that i need..
But u dont deserve me..

I would jeopardize everything and anything that i have..
If only u know this..

But now..
U proved that u dont deserve me..
U just dont..

If only u know..
How people have been saying that i dont deserve someone like u..

And now..
Thanks to yourself..
U prove them right..
U just dont deserve me..
U dont..

It is hurtful
And i am going to cry all night.
But tomorrow is another day...

Tomorrow will be the day that i will forget u..
U r not important.
And u dont deserve me..

Monday, February 6, 2017

Cerita arini

I went out with Kak Mun and Christina..
I texted him if he wants anything

Bought kuey teow cantonese for him..bungkus and bagi pd dia after ktaorg balik makan..

Even with all the problems that he is having..dia still clean and well kempt..
Rambut siap letak minyak smua..

And masa balik..
I went down alone..
Christina texted to wait for her at level 1..
And i met him depan punch machine..

A nurse was asking him to close the door next to the punch machine..

He closed the door and then walked straight to me..

"Bole je nak punch kan kalau xtutup pintu tu.." he whispered..

Me: hehe..nnt dia tulis not accepted kot..tu yg dia suruh awk tutupkan pintu..

And he just smiled..

And i melted..

And we say our goodbye..

Oh how i am falling for u..
Small gesture actually..
He does not have to come and queue with me at the back..sbb he can directly punch out after closing the door (as i was at the far end of the queue of people ) but he decided to walk to me and beratur bersama2..

Maybe tak ada pape pada org lain..
But for me..that is a plus point of him..
He will always be beside u..


Monday, January 9, 2017

This is how broken heart feels

U cant sleep
U cant seem to have a rest
U cant cry as there is nothing to be cried for

U know u r restless
But nothing can help to ease ur restlessness

U really want to scream out
But no voice comes out

Heart broken
Nerves shuttered
Mind and body cant seem to be synchronized..

I really hope that u will never feel what i am feeling now..