Thursday, May 26, 2016

Kisah Maklong yg excited

Excited nau la iolzz kan..
Shopping baju utk baby qu secara online je..

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Kenapa saya suka Kim Jong Kook

As the title said..
The reason i wrote this is to tell myself..
The main reason why i like this kim jong kook guy in running man..
Is that he reminds me of u..

Of course..both of u r different physically..
He is all muscled up,tough and all buffed..
While u r tall and lean and slim..
Both of u r the same..

He smiles for all the reasons that would make u smile..
He is loud..and truthfull..
His words can be hurtful at times but his meanings are all well..
Just like u..

He loves sports and is proud of it..
Same like u..

Most of all, though exteriorly he is so tough.. he has the softest heart..he can be so caring and tender and loving to the one that he wants to..
He does not say it loud but his actions speaks louder than his voice..
And it echoes a million miles away..
Similar as u..

And thus..
Each time when i watch running man..
Each time when i see kim jong kook..
I am actually seeing you..
Each and everytime..

Though u r so far away..
Just to let u know..
U r never far away from my heart..

Though i am nothing to u..
U mean a million years to me..
And to you, my heart sank...

"It matters how this ends..
What if i never love again..."

And till today,i never love again...

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Funny funny..

Sehari di dalam ward..

Patient is on regular aq morphine 4H and PRN..
Still complains of pain..
Requesting more and more painkiller..
So.. i add on t.ibuprofen as well..
After half an hour.. pt was walking in the ward..

Staff nurse: uncle..uncle mau pegi mana..?
Patient: jalan2 ward..
Staff nurse: uncle jangan jalan banyak2.. nnt makin sakit..
Patient: sudah makan ubat..sudah takde sakit..makan ubat banyak kuat..

Doctor tergelak sorang2.. hehehe..ibuprofen lagi kuat daripada morphine rupanya..hihihi 😅😅😅